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Rogan's Shoes Business Account B2B Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see all of my employees and their purchases?  Yes.  You can view and maintain a full list of your employees and see their entire purchase history regardless of whether they purchased from a mobile truck or from one of our stores.

Can I view and pay my invoices online?  You can see your invoices online, but you cannot yet pay the invoices online.  (We are working on online payment application.)  Official invoicing will come from our accounting department, and you can pay by check or work directly with our accounting department to process credit cards or ACH transactions.

Do you have a voucherless purchasing system?  Yes.  We can set you up with a voucherless system.  You specify the amount of the subsidy that your company will provide, and the anniversary date that the subsidy will renew (typically, Jan 1).   You upload a list of all your employees and our system will track their sales to determine who is eligible and who is not.  You can easily see your full list of employees with their purchase history and eligibility status.

Can we buy shoes from this site?  Yes.  Your Rogan Sales Rep can set up a store just for your company with a curated list of products that meet your specific needs.  You will need a store administrator that will review and approve purchases made by your employees.  This store model works best when there is computer access in a common area and employees can have limited access to look at the catalog and make their purchases. The purchases then flow to the Store Administrator for final approval.  Going forward we will integrate the online store functionality with the voucherless employee tracking system.